Gung-ho 5km

Gung- ho  17th June 2017 

This was a fun 5km obstacle course in Southampton common, it's a beautiful place full of spacious areas for picnics and a large pond. It's also great for the kids and has a lovely restaurant / cafe called the cafe' at the hawthorns. 

The course was hard work in the heat I'm not going to lie, we ran as much as we could but a lot of us ended up jogging and walking. We still managed to complete the course in 45mins. There were 10 obstacles each got bigger and harder but with so many laughs and moaning about how hot it was we had a great time. You were allowed to walk, run or jog and you could skip obstacles if you needed to. It was very much free for all but we couldn't wait to finish when we saw the huge blue inflatable slide at the end. It took what felt like ages climbing up the thing! As we got to the top we didn't realise it was a full blown water slide and yes, we got soaked but it was very much needed as it cooled us down straight away and landing in foam was the icing on the cake. We received a Gung ho T-shirt and a head band to show we completed the race. Would I do it again!? Yes! 

I hope you enjoyed the read 
Lots of love 


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