Cafe at the Hawthorn

Hawthorn is based inside Southampton common just as you enter at the main entrance  coming from the town. After the Gung ho 5km race Amanda my running partner and I saw the cafe' had advertised 3 course meal for £8 during lunch time. We were a bit sceptical on how the portions were going to be but we were hungry after our race in the heat from that afternoon. It was a very welcoming, chilled out cafe/restaurant with an outdoor area which looked onto a pond full of wild life dragon flies, frogs and gorgeous scenery. 

For my starter I ordered a tuna salad which was delicious, full of flavour and great size for a Starter. For my main I ordered a chicken and pesto garlic pasta which again was packed with flavour it was the best pasta dish I've had in a very long time. Then for my pudding I ordered the fruit waffle with ice cream... seriously! This was amazing, I loved the selection of fruit and the waffle was huge with a big dollop of yummy vanilla ice cream. I honestly couldn't recommend this little cafe enough it was such a lovely finish to our amazing day. 

I hope I didn't make you too hungry while reading 
Lots of love 


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