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Elsa "Frozen" cape

Ever since poppy was a tiny baby she loved frozen!
She would watch it at least 3 times a day! Nowadays 
She just prefers to listen to the soundtrack and loves any frozen related toy. When I looked in the shops for elsa dresses, they never had anything in her size, she's very pettite for her age so finding clothes can be challenging as she still in 9-12months/12 months.
I had been wanting to do something with my sewing machine for Poppy for a while and finally found the time to make her very own elsa cape. 
I used some gorgeous blue organza fabric with silver snow flakes that sparkle when  the light catches it, silver ribbon to tie up with two fluffly pom poms 
Poppy absolutely loved her cape for dress up.
She wouldn't even take it off while having her lunch, and would dance around her room with it on.
Something like these just shows you don't need to buy expensive things for your little one. When you're on a budget and they grow up so quickly, you want to make sure that you get the most use out of all their things. 

I hope you enjoyed the read 
Lots of love 


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