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It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Christmas Home photoshoot 
One morning Poppy woke up feeling festive and, full of excitement knowing it wasn't much longer to wait for father Christmas 
She decided to read her festive books to make time go quicker...
Once Poppy read all the books she heard a noise coming from outside...
With excitement, she jumped off the bed to investigate...
To Be Continued 
I hope you enjoyed our home photoshoot which was really easy and simple to put together. The Christmas sack I made for Poppy last year, the fairy lights are the same ones we used for our wedding decorations. The reindeer cushion is from pounland. All the other stuff is what I already had in the house like I said home Christmas shoots are far more easier and cheaper especially by just using my phone. 
Lots of love  Natasha  X 

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Christmas World

Each year we go to busy bee garden centre to enjoy the Christmassy world. They have a full Christmas shop full of Christmas trees, decorations, lights and everything in-between. It also includes sections of interactive displays like the polar bears, the talking letter box to Santa, step into the snow man and a huge light-decoration room. 

During the weekends they have a Santa's grotto for the children to see father Christmas and have a picture taken, this cost £9.95 per child and £1 per adult. Busy Bee is situated in Ryde on the the Isle of Wight .

 Last year we went with my  mum and stepdad and this year we went with my mother and sister in-law. we all had a nice time and poppy loved the singing reindeer display, she danced none stop for over 20mins. 

We then headed to the cafe' for lunch although it was a bit pricey, the amount we got was actually alright. We were all full afterwards! If you are on the island or thinking of visiting busy bee it is a must. We all as family r…

Simple Ways to Save for Christmas

Saving! I always buy gifts throughout the year and most of them I get in the sales, this really helps keeps cost down during the most expensive time of the year. Since having Poppy I've saved us over £200 each year on gifts. I also save money purchasing wrapping paper, ribbon, tags and Xmas cards on Boxing day, when it's practically given away.
Stick to a budget  Hubby and I stick to the same amount of money each month for food, which works out really well for us. During Christmas month, we only add an extra £20/£30 to our food budget for the Christmas dinner and Boxing Day munchies but that's it. We don't go over the top because we don't like to throw away our money.
Kids clothes  We all know kids clothes can be expensive especially if your buying in bulk for a new season. I tend to buy all of Poppy's during the big clothing sales like next, mother care, h&m, etc... I find these shops are the best ones for quality and huge 50-70% off. Honestly stock up fo…

Christmas with Toddlers

It's poppy's 3rd Christmas
Christmas 2016 Each year it gets easier finding things for Poppy to enjoy and get involved in. She loves to help and is intrigued by many things especially when she sees the Christmas display at busy bee garden centre. A lot of my Christmas with Toddlers list is really simple and has lots of family involvement. Some of the things we have done before and the other things on the list we will be doing this year.

1- reindeer hand print Christmas cards 2- Christmas light display  3- send a letter to father Christmas   4- putting up the decorations  5-baking cookies 6- visit father Christmas  7- Christmas market  8- pantomime 9- kids Christmas party  10- decorate a ginger bread
11-make Christmas decorations
12- glitter playdough
13- matching Christmas eve pjs
14- christmas eve box
15- busy bee garden centre (Christmas world)
16- Christmas books
17- family themed photoshoot
18- Christmas movie night
19- elf on the shelf
20- hot chocolate bar

I hope you enj…

Tones of Autumn


Green Playsuit- Newlook Orange long sleeve top- Primark Long thick scarf - Newlook Biker boots - Truffle 

#Newhome Mini Homewear Haul

Let's go shopping! 

It's been a while since I last did a homeware haul, I thought it was good timing as we are now moved into our new house. I am slowly getting new things to decorate our new home with.  The cute little white Christmas house is from poundland in their Christmas range and it's not bad at all, it lights up too! The DW cranberry scented candle I got from tkmaxx. Honeslty it smells so Christmassy, I love it  £5.99 This forest themed scented candle was given to us as a house warming gift by my lovely friend Tori. Im not sure where it's from but I will find out. The DW vanilla cream scented candle is my new favourite! It's smells like fresh baked goodies. Again, I got this for £5.99. My little light up pumkin is actually from sainsburys  Halloween range but it was In the sale £2.50 Michael and I really wanted a wreth this year as we now have proper front door. when we were in our flat we never saw the point. The wreth is from pounland at just £2  I'…

#ootd The School Run

My comfy mummy style 
This look was from a few weeks ago before the house move and the weather wasn't as cold as it is now. Anyway back to the school run, This was on a Wednesday before droping off Poppy to nursery. I'm a lot more dressed up than what i would look like for a normal school day as I always see my mum for coffee on a Wednesday so I have an excuse to make more of a effort.

I really love this bag it's quirky and really well made, for a primark bag! I had been looking for this bag for a while so I was happy I found it in Portsmouth. I actually really like what I put together here it was comfy and a very chilled/relaxed look. Sometimes i find it hard to wear colour or nicer clothes with  a  toddler as many parents can tell you, no matter what you wear you will get some sort of stain or marks or foot print on your favourite top or dress by the end of the day.
Top- newlook Cardigan- h&m Trousers- peacocks  Bag- primark Shoes- primark 
I hope enjoyed my comfy m…