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Dress Like a Gryffindor

No this is not a Halloween costume... Like my husband suggested! 

Two in one jumper shirt; h&m  Leggins: h&m  Boots: m&s

Yes your right,  I changed my boots! why? I wanted to see which pair looked best but ended up changing them again.  Boots: Truffle 
Today we celebrated my husband's birthday so I thought I would make the effort to look smart and put makeup on! I've been abit of a slob lately I honestly can't be bothered with makeup, plus we have had a very hectic first two weeks of October... anyway, as I walked Into the lounge this morning i was greeted by my loving husband who said "you look like Hermione"! He's lucky it's his birthday today hahaha 
Hope you liked the look Natasha xXx 

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Halloween with toddlers

Trick or treat!?

Picture from last year - Pick a pumpkin: Although we have a farm on the island that has a pumpkin field, they're fairly cheap but you also have to pay a lot of money just to enter. So like we did last year we let Poppy pick a pumpkin in our local fruit and veg store. 
- Halloween costume: Last year we were given a bag of clothes from a friend which had a witch costume in it, Poppy loved it. This year we found a lovely fairy outfit that's so cute on her and fits a treat.

- Halloween treats: Baking or making cakes together, get them stuck in. They will enjoy mixing the batter or helping to ice them afterwards. 
- Halloween party: Around this time of the year they have lot of toddler parties around the island but it can also get rather expensive. We have decided to host our second kids Party on the 30th, the kids had so much fun last year. 
- Autumn walks: Poppy is loving our walks at the moment, she loves to kick the leaves. We are visiting the ducks when finish…

Elphaba Halloween tutorial

Elphaba from wicked  Halloween tutorial #1 
To get this look, I mainly layered/blended on snazaroo bright green metallic face paint all over my face and chest to get the main elphaba look. I then used Barry M dazzle dust in shade 53 to contour my cheek bones plus I mixed it in with a Barry M eye shadow pencil in vintage blush 3, it's very velvety and easy to blend. I also used this for my lips and eye shadow. For highlight, I used a revolution blush palette in "blush queen", I used the shimmery white colour on my cheeks, cubits bow, eye brows and nose. My eye liner pencil is soap and glory, mascara benefit roller lash, and for my eye brows I used a dark brown from the MUA eye brow palette. For the finishing touches I used a Mac pressed pigment In flicker this gives a good highlight to lips and my eye lids. 

I hope you enjoyed the look  Natasha  xXx

Primark Toddler Clothing Haul

tops £1.50 each 2-3yrs
Tops £1.50 each 2-3 yrs
I posted a toddler clothing haul the other week but I did mention I was going to make a visit to Primark to get poppy some autumnal items. I mainly bought long sleeve tops and tights as in my previous one I mainly got her trousers.

Denim long top £6.00 gold bow top £1.50 both 2-3 years 
Tights pack of 3 £6, I got these in 12-18 months as they are rather large and a cute little chip purse for £2 
Their clothes last a long time for poppy so I got her all 2-3years as she needs them for the length also they're comfortable for her while playing or in nursery.

Hope you enjoyed the read

not another autumn post

autumn is here...
Cosy, fluffy blankets are on the top of my list, although I keep them out all year round, I do have a basket in the front room to keep them stored both the grey and brown are from Primark at only £5 each. The crochet red and white one was hand made by a family member for poppy.

- Scents around the house have to be sweet and fresh but I do like the apple and cinnamon smells for autumn and winter plus a few Yankee candles ( Christmas cookie is my favourite).

- A new bag! I try to have a bag for every season but I change my mind all the time, this year I've gone for a cross over bag with gorgeous embroidery detail and guess what? It was only £7 from primark. Bonus! 
- I can finally bring out my favourite boots. My studded ankle boots from Truffle and my Dune brown winter boots are nice and warm also my pretty floral Ralph Lauren wellies are great for a rainy day or a muddy hike! 
- This is going to be an odd one but I tend to clear out my wardrobe for every season, …

Toddler Clothing Haul

Body warmer; Next (last year gifted  by my mum)  White long sleeve top; Morrison's  Black leggins: Morrison's  Suede look tassle boots ; Brantano 
It's getting cooler by the day and when you start layering up you know it's time to go shopping for autumn/winter clothing. Poppy is now in 2-3year clothing but still with a few 12-18months clothes depending on the shop they're from. I like to shop in next (during the sales), nutmeg in Morrisons, Matalan, h&m, sainsburys and some lovely bits from baby Gap.

Top- Morrison's  Trousers pack of two- Morrison's 
Top- Next Trousers- Morrison's 
Top- sainsburys Trousers- Morrison's 

I thought I'd show you her new bits so far but I will be doing another toddler clothing haul soon as I'm heading to Primark this weekend. A few items were gifted to her from friends and family also a bunch of it we recently bought ourselves. You may of seen A few cute #babyootd photos over on my Instagram which I've r…

Rainy Day Toddler Activities

Rainy day toddler activities,

 Due to the weather recently turning into the typical none existent summer, the rain is back, and in full force! For me this is really hard as I take poppy on walks every morning. When it's terrible weather though I like to keep her cosy in the warm. I've been getting some inspiration through Pinterest and one of them was this cute little idea. All you need is play-dough, food skewers, Cheerios and a child friendly surface. 
This project helps with their Learning colours, numbers, hand-eye coordination, patience and eating (the Cheerios, not the play-dough) at the same time. Poppy really enjoyed this project, you could see her concentration face was really adorable it also helps her speech as she was saying a few colours without us prompting her.  Honestly give this a go with your little ones, it's pretty fun.

Hope you enjoyed read