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#Newhome Mini Homewear Haul

Let's go shopping! 

It's been a while since I last did a homeware haul, I thought it was good timing as we are now moved into our new house. I am slowly getting new things to decorate our new home with.  The cute little white Christmas house is from poundland in their Christmas range and it's not bad at all, it lights up too! The DW cranberry scented candle I got from tkmaxx. Honeslty it smells so Christmassy, I love it  £5.99 This forest themed scented candle was given to us as a house warming gift by my lovely friend Tori. Im not sure where it's from but I will find out. The DW vanilla cream scented candle is my new favourite! It's smells like fresh baked goodies. Again, I got this for £5.99. My little light up pumkin is actually from sainsburys  Halloween range but it was In the sale £2.50 Michael and I really wanted a wreth this year as we now have proper front door. when we were in our flat we never saw the point. The wreth is from pounland at just £2  I'…
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#ootd The School Run

My comfy mummy style 
This look was from a few weeks ago before the house move and the weather wasn't as cold as it is now. Anyway back to the school run, This was on a Wednesday before droping off Poppy to nursery. I'm a lot more dressed up than what i would look like for a normal school day as I always see my mum for coffee on a Wednesday so I have an excuse to make more of a effort.

I really love this bag it's quirky and really well made, for a primark bag! I had been looking for this bag for a while so I was happy I found it in Portsmouth. I actually really like what I put together here it was comfy and a very chilled/relaxed look. Sometimes i find it hard to wear colour or nicer clothes with  a  toddler as many parents can tell you, no matter what you wear you will get some sort of stain or marks or foot print on your favourite top or dress by the end of the day.
Top- newlook Cardigan- h&m Trousers- peacocks  Bag- primark Shoes- primark 
I hope enjoyed my comfy m…

We've moved House!

New home, fresh start. 
It's been a long time coming moving house, Last year, back in July on our honey moon, we recieved a phone call saying the buyer for our flat had dropped out! Not something you need to hear while on holiday. We spent most of the time trying to figure out our next move at the time poppy was coming up to a year half and she desperately needed her own room.
When we got home, we turned our bedroom into her nursery and the front room into our living/bedroom. We bought a sofa bed with some of our wedding money people gave to us. We thought it would only be for a few months but that turned into a 1 year and 4 months. We had completly outgrown our flat, the first home together, the memories of bringing Poppy home for the first time will always stick with me but it was finally our time to have some good news!
Throughout October we spent weeks sorting out paperwork, getting rid of stuff we didn't need, organising dates for Poppy to be in school, etc...We now live…

Halloween with a Toddler #2

My top 5 trick or treat ideas
I did this year.
1-Guess how many are in the jar? On Monday  we had a Halloween party for Poppy and her monster friends, for the adults, we had the idea of putting sweets in a jar I already had at home, and some spiders (count the sweets and spiders before adding them in the jar, we nearly forgot.) then let all the adults guess how many there are! Simple and easy.

2- trick or treat party bags I found this cute dotty pack of 24 sweets bags in tkmaxx for only £2. I filled the kids party bags with sweets and stickers. Great for Halloween favours or if you want to go extra for those knocking on your door im sure they will go down a treat!

3- trick or treaters pick and mix plate  We have recently moved house so im finding things i forgot i had. And this year i put together a large gold plate (I use these for xmas usually) put some sweets and decoration on to give it that kid friendly spooky look. 

4- kids halloween party  I mentioned above we had a party for …

Dress Like a Gryffindor

No this is not a Halloween costume... Like my husband suggested! 

Two in one jumper shirt; h&m  Leggins: h&m  Boots: m&s

Yes your right,  I changed my boots! why? I wanted to see which pair looked best but ended up changing them again.  Boots: Truffle 
Today we celebrated my husband's birthday so I thought I would make the effort to look smart and put makeup on! I've been abit of a slob lately I honestly can't be bothered with makeup, plus we have had a very hectic first two weeks of October... anyway, as I walked Into the lounge this morning i was greeted by my loving husband who said "you look like Hermione"! He's lucky it's his birthday today hahaha 
Hope you liked the look Natasha xXx 

Halloween with toddlers

Trick or treat!?

Picture from last year - Pick a pumpkin: Although we have a farm on the island that has a pumpkin field, they're fairly cheap but you also have to pay a lot of money just to enter. So like we did last year we let Poppy pick a pumpkin in our local fruit and veg store. 
- Halloween costume: Last year we were given a bag of clothes from a friend which had a witch costume in it, Poppy loved it. This year we found a lovely fairy outfit that's so cute on her and fits a treat.

- Halloween treats: Baking or making cakes together, get them stuck in. They will enjoy mixing the batter or helping to ice them afterwards. 
- Halloween party: Around this time of the year they have lot of toddler parties around the island but it can also get rather expensive. We have decided to host our second kids Party on the 30th, the kids had so much fun last year. 
- Autumn walks: Poppy is loving our walks at the moment, she loves to kick the leaves. We are visiting the ducks when finish…

Elphaba Halloween tutorial

Elphaba from wicked  Halloween tutorial #1 
To get this look, I mainly layered/blended on snazaroo bright green metallic face paint all over my face and chest to get the main elphaba look. I then used Barry M dazzle dust in shade 53 to contour my cheek bones plus I mixed it in with a Barry M eye shadow pencil in vintage blush 3, it's very velvety and easy to blend. I also used this for my lips and eye shadow. For highlight, I used a revolution blush palette in "blush queen", I used the shimmery white colour on my cheeks, cubits bow, eye brows and nose. My eye liner pencil is soap and glory, mascara benefit roller lash, and for my eye brows I used a dark brown from the MUA eye brow palette. For the finishing touches I used a Mac pressed pigment In flicker this gives a good highlight to lips and my eye lids. 

I hope you enjoyed the look  Natasha  xXx