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Walk The Wight 2018 | carisbrooke to Alum Bay

14.84 miles achieved 

Those who know me will know i like to keep my feet moving, when the application forms were released I thought "i'm going to try a different route this year". I have done the flat 8 mile walk from Sandown to shide for 4 years now, I love the route, its calm and relaxing but I wanted to push myself. So I applied  for the 14.5 mile walk from carisbrooke to Alum Bay. 

This year over 8,000 people took part in the famous walking challenge, I'm going to be honest it was a hard route we started at 8:49 and finished at 13:35 there were a few flat areas but you are mostly walking up hill and we didn't stop. The views and the atmosphere with the crowds was amazing. Although we weren't sure which was more dangerous, walking through a field of cows or going straight from that into a golf course hahaha. Some people were running the full 26 miles, which is crazy on an island full of hills. It was lovely to see so many children taking part in the 4 mil…

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